Neo IP is an Intellectual Property (IP) law firm established to maximize the return on investment for IP assets while also protecting them. Neo IP works to empower innovators to impact society for good and to connect them to the resources they need to make positive commercial impact. There are four pillars of IP assurance – monetization, risk management, strategic portfolio development, and acquisitions.

Cherokee Investment Partners is an investment company that blends capital with creativity, experience, and resolve to provide superior financial, environmental, and social returns for investors, partners, and communities. Cherokee invests both private equity and venture capital to create value for all involved. Since 1990, Cherokee has invested in more than 550 environmentally contaminated, or brownfield, real estate assets across the United States, Canada and Europe. Cherokee is the world’s only known ISO 14001 certified private equity manager, with a total of five investment funds since 1996, with aggregate commitments exceeding $2 billion. Additionally, Cherokee has managed or invested in over 100 venture companies in environmental remediation, renewable energy, waste-to-energy, energy management, and other fields.