Joseph Forbes, Jr., has built a career in creating and building technology companies in multiple disciplines. Mr. Forbes has been the founder of six (6) successful firms in energy, clean tech, consulting, hardware/software development and wireless communications over the previous 25 years with high returns to investors through public/private exits, leveraged buyouts and successful capital formation with Fortune 100 Companies. Mr. Forbes is a prolific inventor. He is the named inventor of over 100 patents focused on the evolution of the electric grid from a centralized, one-way architecture to one that is two-way, steeped with advanced Internet Protocol based communication and advanced energy financial settlements.


Chris is an energy expert with experience in commercial, residential, finance, solar and green initiatives.  He brings more than two decades of experience in scaling companies into market leaders in the energy sector.  Prior to joining Causam eXchange, Chris served as Senior Vice President at Just Energy (NASDAQ:  JE).  Chris was responsible for a $1.9 Billion profit & loss as well as sustainability brands.  Chris has led successful teams at Spark Energy, Hudson Energy, Just Energy Solar, Data Paradigm and Team Analytics.


Taylor Brockman is a software development expert with 15+ years of experience creating and leading ventures backed by venture capital investors. His focus has been software product innovation and delivery experience in the mobile commerce, medical benefits management, and electrical smart grid industries. Taylor co-founded Motricity (NASDAQ: MOTR) in September 1999 and was instrumental in growing the company to more than $100 million in annual revenues and 500 employees globally. As Motricity’s Research Technology Architect, he invented, designed, and implemented one of the industry's leading mobile content delivery platforms a platform that has delivered more than $3 billion of content to mobile phones.


Microgrids, Smart Grid, DER, Advanced Energy Management

Kevin brings 30+ years of systems architecture and power expertise. As a former President for Power Analytics, Kevin focused on the three most fundamental pillars of future of distributed generation, microgrids, and data centers: (1) design and operation, (2) secure communications, and (3) advanced optimization and control. Prior to becoming President of Power Analytics, he served as Chief Technology Officer. Under his guidance the company introduced industry-leading capabilities for energy management and pattern recognition and transitioned the Paladin technology to a commercially viable platform suite, including Paladin DesignBase™ electrical design software, Paladin Live™ mission critical management software, and the microgrid controller. Kevin is the author and creator of the Power Analytics™ Energy Alignment Process and has to his credit more than 15 patents in analytical processes. He has authored numerous papers on power, energy, and high availability architectures and over the past 25 years has led development organizations and provided strategic planning for companies including Eaton, Invensys, Computer Associates, and IBM. He was previously named a GreenTech Media’s list of the top 100 people you must know in Smart Grid. Kevin has undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and business and an MBA from the University of Colorado.